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KWD Fitting Report Europe 2022

KWD Market Report “Fittings and Pipe Connections Europe”
Situation + Trends of Fittings and Pipe Connections in Heating & Plumbing Systems

Authors: Dipl.-Ing. Jutta Hix, Achim Seydel


The update2022 of the KWD Report “Fittings and Pipe Connections Europe” explains the fitting designs available on the European market for hot and cold-water applications in building services, it estimates the number of units used in Europe, and shows survey results of which fitting types are used and how often.

The update of the KWD Report “Fittings and Pipe Connections Europe 2022” is based on the Fitting Report 2021. Not all study parts have been revised. New are mainly the consumption figures of fittings for the years 2020 – 2024, which were collected on the basis of new market data. Buyers of the KWD Fitting Study 2021 therefore receive a discount!

Author of this KWD Report are the chief-editor of the KWD newsletters Dipl.-Ing. Jutta Hix and the consultant for plastic pipes Achim Seydel.

This update of the KWD Fitting Report again provides the following market overviews:

  • Overview of basic fitting designs with examples and applications, developments and trends
  • Analysis of a survey which fitting types are used how often (percentage use of fittings by type – available for 12 European countries)
  • Consumption of fittings in million pieces by pipe material and application (floor heating, radiator connection, sanitary installations) in 19 European countries
  • News and interesting facts about fittings and applications or their manufacturers from 2021 and 2022
  • An updated list of European fitting manufacturers with the fittings they offer (clearly cataloged according to various keywords)

In recent years, too, there have been new or more advanced fitting developments without replacing proven fittings. In this context, the question of metal or plastic as the fitting material is often no longer a decisive criterion; instead, intelligent solutions are sought for the respective areas of application, often as composite designs made of metal and plastic.

The aim of all new designs or improvements is usually to optimize the fitting properties in terms of assembly effort, tool rationalization or even the flow properties (zeta value) of the fittings.

Not to be forgotten, however, are the efforts of some system suppliers to create their own product identification through specific solutions. There seem to be no limits to the imagination – from tool-free clamp connections to “raxial” or “lateral” press fittings to push-fit fittings in a wide variety of designs. Even if special designs are on the rise, it remains to be said that the almost old-fashioned radial press fitting can be regarded as the industry standard worldwide.


Update of the KWD Fitting Report Europe 2022

The reason for the updated edition of the Fitting Report is the now significantly higher consumption volumes for fittings.

  • This is partly because Euroconstruct’s estimates for new construction are now higher than the initially significantly more negative estimates due to the Corona shock in the market report from the beginning of 2020.
  • In addition, due to the steadily growing share of modernizations, we have taken these into account to a much greater extent in our conversions. This is because modernization projects consume significantly more fittings per meter of pipe than newly constructed buildings.



The KWD Fitting Report Europe 2021/2022 still costs 970,- Euro for our subscribers (plus VAT in Germany, prepayment for orders from abroad) and is only available in digital form. Both the Fitting consumption figures 2020-2024 and the list of fittings available in Europe are given separately as an Excel list.

The focus for the creation of the new KWD Fitting Report was mainly on the fitting consumption figures in building services in Europe for the years 2020 – 2024, which are based on new market data. Other parts, such as the overview on basic fitting designs, were taken from the 2021 study. Therefore, the buyers of the KWD Fitting Report 2021 receive a discount of 30% !