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Market Report on Multilayer Composite pipes 2019

KWD Market Report “Multilayer Composite Pipes Worldwide”
Production of Multilayer Composite Pipes for Heating & Plumbing Systems

Authors: Dipl.-Ing. Jutta Hix, Achim Seydel

The new KWD Market Report “Multilayer Composite Pipes for Heating & Plumbing Installations Worldwide 2019” describes not only the basics and production processes, but also lists the manufacturers worldwide and their estimated production volume.

The two authors of the study have been collecting production and consumption quantities of pipes in building services for many years. Jutta Hix is the chief editor of KWD-globalpipe since 2008 und Achim Seydel from Seydel Consulting has more than 40 years of experience in production, development and sales of plastic pipes and pipe systems for pipe installations in housing technology.

The new KWD Market Report focuses on multilayer composite pipes, what materials they are made of, how they are manufactured, what types of connections there are and, finally, which manufacturer produces how many millions of meters worldwide.

The following material combinations are most commonly used

  • Inner and outer pipe made of cross-linked Polyethylene (PE-Xa,b,c)
  • Inner pipe made of cross-linked Polyethylene (PE-Xa,b,c), outer pipe made of Polyethylene raised
  • temperature (PE-RT)
  • Inner and outer pipe made of Polyethylene raised temperature (PE-RT)
  • Or Inner pipe made of PEX or PE-RT and outer pipe made of Polyethylene (PE-HD, PE-MD).

Content of the KWD Market Report

  • Introduction
  • Design of Multilayer Composite Pipes
  • Situation and Trends
  • Multilayer Composite Pipes in Use
  • Multilayer Composite Pipe Production Volume Worldwide
  • Methods of Manufacturing
  • Manufacturer of Production Plants
  • Joining techniques for Multilayer Composite Pipes
  • Companies and Products: Reports from our KWD-globalpipe
  • History of the Development of Multilayer Composite Pipes
  • Listing of Producers and Distributors

The findings of the KWD Report “Multilayer Composite Pipes” are very clear

  • The production of multilayer composite pipes in Europe has increased significantly since 2013
  • Total production outside Europe has fallen significantly since 2013
  • Worldwide, however, there is still a respectable plus

Growth prospects for multilayer composite pipes
The consumption of multilayer composite pipes continues to grow, but mostly only in line with the general growth rates of the pipe market for domestic installations. The strong volume gains resulting from the displacement of copper pipes, especially in the area of radiator connections but also in sanitary installations, have been a thing of the past for several years. The reason for this is the calming of the copper price, but should the price of copper again rise sharply, the multilayer composite pipe will certainly gain further market shares.


Projection including China
Since it was not possible for us to get reliable information about the production quantity in China, we decided to only include the manufacturer data here. In order to get a feeling for the worldwide production volume of multilayer composite pipes, we used the same growth rate for China as for Europe in a projection.

The current KWD Market Report “Multilayer Composite Pipes for Heating & Plumbing Installations Worldwide 2019” has been published in English language, it has 244 pages and is available as digital version as well as a print version. The production quantities are again delivered clearly arranged with graphics as an Excel file.

Since in recent years we have increasingly requested only the digital version via download, we will offer the print version additionally via “print on demand” for a small fee. This can take up to 6 days.

The KWD Market Report “Multilayer Composite Pipes Worldwide 2019” will cost 975,- € (in Germany + MwSt.) for our subscribers. The print version is available as an add-on for 50,- € plus shipping costs. The Report is already published and immediately available. Orders can be placed by email or by using the attached order form.