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our way of working

Since about 1970 we strive towards market figures and trends for pipes and fittings. Because there was virtually no statistical information available on this segment, we started to collect these facts and figures.

In the following years, we have followed the pioneering developments of new types of pipes such as PEX, PE-RT and multilayer pipes. These have made many of the current applications in building services possible.

In the field of “Heating & Plumbing Pipes”, everything began with the floor heating technology which initially was available just in Austria, Switzerland and Germany before taking off and spreading out pretty fast to Italy, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe and partially worldwide. Today we are specialized on pipes and fittings in heating & plumbing applications.

In our newsletters, we publish up-to-date information in as brief a form as possible and without distracting advertising.

The regularly updated market studies “KWD Market + Charts Heating & Plumbing Pipes Europe” and “KWD Market Report Fittings and Pipe Connections Europe” show the consumption of pipes and fittings by pipe material, application and country. For the preparation of these market studies, we use current statistical evaluations and also conduct regular surveys on the volume and material use of pipes and fittings. Our analysis tool combines basic data such as the average quantities of pipes and fittings used per application with statistical evaluations on new construction and modernization.

In our market studies on pipe materials, we list their manufacturers worldwide and estimate production volumes. For this purpose, we use the databases which we have maintained for many years and which are constantly updated. In these databases, we collect the evaluations of many discussions and researches. To obtain such data, we are helped by a large information network and visits to trade fairs and events.

We understand our main task to always have an ear to the market and to collect the information received, to catalog it and to convert it into branch services and market reports. Due to our many years of experience, we have earned a firm place in the publishing industry on pipe and fitting installations and are happy to provide a wide variety of information.