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REHAU: The new sustainable universal pipe RAUTITAN flex green saves 90% CO2

Sustainable construction is not only becoming ever more important but is also increasingly becoming the norm. The new drinking water and heating pipe, RAUTITAN flex green can save more than 90% CO2 in the manufacturing process. It is based on renewable, bio-based raw materials and can help to achieve sustainability targets.

RAUTITAN flex green is a drinking water and heating pipe made of PE-Xa. What makes it special is that the plastic is made from renewable, biocircular raw materials. For example, vegetable fats are used, which are produced as waste and by-products in the food industry. External and independent certification by ISCC Plus ensures that the proportion of renewable raw materials can be tracked transparently along the value chain. ISCC Plus (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) is a global certification program with the aim of establishing sustainable raw material chains.

The polyethylene used is mass-balanced and consists of 100% renewable, biocircular raw materials. © REHAU

The polyethylene used is mass-balanced and consists of 100% renewable, biocircular raw materials. This means that the production of RAUTITAN flex green saves more than 90% CO2 compared to standard fossil based PEX pipes on the market.

The new RAUTITAN flex green offers the same benefits as the tried and tested RAUTITAN flex:

  • Just as clean: The lead-free RAUTITAN flex green pipe system is hygienically optimised for drinking water installations. The smooth inner pipe walls and excellent impermeability of the cavity-free jointing technology effectively prevent contamination.
  • Just as flexible: RAUTITAN flex green is highly unlikely to buckle, especially in the case of small pipes. Despite this, the pipe is flexible: you can easily bend it over your thumb without any tools, even at low temperatures.
  • Just as reliable: RAUTITAN flex green achieves a permanently leak-tight connection with fittings and compression sleeves. The pipe itself is the sealant, with no O-rings and no manual labelling.

The pipe is made of high-performance PE-Xa plastic and contains a special oxygen diffusion barrier – making it suitable for both drinking water installations and heating. RAUTITAN flex green complies with DIN EN ISO 15875 and is oxygen-tight in accordance with DIN 4726. It can be used universally for drinking water and heating installations and is compatible with the REHAU RAUTITAN system of pipes, fittings, sliding sleeves and tools.

Contact: REHAU Industries SE & Co. KG, Germany, www.rehau.com