New BVF info sheet published: Tips for cost savings through efficient heating with an underfloor heating system

Heating costs account for a considerable proportion of a building’s annual operating costs. No wonder that users try to reduce heating costs. Starting with modernization measures, such as building insulation, to the installation of modern heating technology.

KWD-globalpipe, November 2022. Underfloor heating and its optimization play a significant role in reducing heating costs, as it is a low-temperature heat distribution system. It enables a comfortable indoor climate and at the same time leads to lower heating costs compared to other heat distribution systems, as the flow temperature is significantly lower. The BVF would like to provide users of underfloor heating systems with the most important information for evaluating the situation as well as sensible measures with a new information sheet.


Underfloor heating convinces with its extreme longevity. If the pipes, which have a service life of at least 50 years, are not damaged, there will be no signs of wear. Through the right user behavior as well as the installation of modern, retrofittable control technology, energy costs can be saved even with older systems. Another advantage of underfloor heating systems is that they can be combined with all regenerative heat generators, such as heat pumps, solar thermal systems and photovoltaic systems.

Which possibilities users of floor heatings, in order to save energy, a new info. sheet of the Federal association for surface heatings and surface coolings registered association leads out. The information sheet is one of a series of practical aids published by the BVF in recent years. So far, tips for the modernization of existing floor heating systems and electric floor heating systems as well as tips for the retrofitting of ceiling systems have already been published.

On 4 pages, the BVF shows how to operate the heating system more efficiently and thus save energy with just a few measures. Briefly, the following aspects are highlighted:

  • Annual maintenance with possible measures
  • Self-monitoring of energy consumption
  • Implementation of hydraulic balancing
  • Installation and updating of control technology for individual room control

Also the correct ventilation behavior plays an important role in the context of the possibilities for cost saving and finally the info sheet shows, which assistance the federation can give beyond the info sheet for the increase of the efficiency of the under-floor heating. The info. sheet is available on for the Download.

With the help of the new info sheet ‘Tipps zur Kosteneinsparung durch effizientes Heizen mit einer Fußbodenheizung’ (Tips for cost savings through efficient heating with underfloor heating – only in German language available), the BVF shows how, with new control technology, adaptation of the heating curve and heating limit temperature, as well as hydraulic balancing, the optimal and thus efficient function of the underfloor heating system can be ensured for the next decades, with potential savings of up to 20% in heating costs.

Contact: Bundesverband Flächenheizungen und Flächenkühlungen e.V., Dortmund /DEU,

Info sheet energy saving tips for download: