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KWD Fitting Report Europe 2022 confirms: The press fitting is fitting no. 1 in Europe

The press fitting is the fitting with the highest sales figures in many European countries. These have also increased continuously in recent years and we expect a further increase in the coming years.

KWD-globalpipe, 22.09.2022. In radiator connection and sanitary installation, the press fitting is “state of the art”. With it, the craftsman can easily and quickly create a fixed pipe connection.

The advantages of press fittings are well known: Installation is faster compared to traditional methods such as welding or screwing, which reduces installation times and thus costs. As there is no need for gas cylinders or welding equipment during the pressing process, so there is no risk of fire. The professionally pressed press fitting gives a firm and secure hold, many manufacturers have a leak test function in the fittings, which indicates incorrectly or not pressed fittings even before the system pressure test.
In contrast to this, the costs for fittings and pressing tools must be considered. Furthermore, the pressing devices require space for attachment, especially for large pipe diameters, and they must be serviced regularly in order to achieve a secure press connection.

In our KWD Fitting Report Europe 2021/2022 we have illustrated a survey that shows for 12 European countries which fitting types are used in percent. In the chart you can see how high the share of press fittings are. Four countries are above 70 percent, these are Austria, Netherlands and Belgium and Germany.

The KWD Fitting Report Europe estimates the amount of fittings used in the European market. Furthermore, the study contains basic chapters explaining the different fitting constructions. It shows for which applications and pipe materials they can be used.

In recent years, too, there have been new or more advanced fitting developments without replacing proven fittings. The question of metal or plastic as the fitting material is often no longer a decisive criterion; instead, intelligent solutions are sought for the respective areas of application, often as composite constructions of metal and plastic.

The reason for the updated edition of the fitting report is the significantly higher consumption volumes for fittings compared to the last edition of the study. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that Euroconstruct’s estimates for new construction figures are now higher than the initially significantly more negative estimates due to the Corona shock in the market report from the beginning of 2020. In addition, due to the steadily growing share of modernizations, we have taken these into account to a significantly greater extent in our conversions. This is because modernizations consume significantly more fittings per meter of pipe than new construction.

This update of the KWD Fittings Report is based on the Fittings Study 2021. The main new features are the consumption figures for fittings for the years 2020 – 2024, which were compiled on the basis of new market data. Buyers of the KWD Fitting Report 2021 therefore receive a 30% discount!

The KWD Fitting Report Europe 2021/2022 still costs 970,- Euro for our subscribers (plus VAT in Germany, prepayment abroad) and is only available in digital form. Both the fitting consumption figures 2020-2024 and the list of fittings available in Europe are available separately as an Excel list.

For more Infos please see: https://www.globalpipe.de/market-reports/on-fittings-heating-plumbing/