Market+Charts 2011 “Heating & Plumbing Europe”

The purpose of KWD‘s Market+Charts report is to provide a comprehensive reference book for all important information for this particular market segment: Figures on pipes by countries, tabular listings of economic data incl. housing completions and company addresses.

KWD-globalpipe, 08.12.2011. KWD‘s Market + Charts „Heating & Plumbing Europe“ market report is revised on an annual basis by the Team of KWD-globalpipe. In the 2011 report we provide market estimates per country for the use of indoor pipes. Thereby the report contains data of the actual pipe quantities per country for under floor heating/surface heating and cooling (FH), radiator connections (RA) and sanitary pipes (SA).

Analysed Materials and Systems in Heating & Plumbing Systems
The market report analyses the pipe materials, that can be used in hot water installations:

Steel Steel including C-Steel
Copper Copper
StSteel Stainless Steel

CPVC Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
PEX Crosslinked Polyethylene (total of PE-Xa, PE-Xb and PE-Xc)
PE-RT Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance
PP-R Propylene Random Copolymer
PB Polybuthylene

ML Multilayer Pipes: PEX / Al / … and PE-RT / Al / …

Since about 1970 we strive towards market figures and trends for pipes and fittings.
In the domain “Heating&Plumbing” everything began with the floor heating that just was available in the first years in Austria, Switzerland and Germany before the floor heating spread out pretty fast over Italy and Scandinavia in whole Europe. However, since there weren´t and aren´t any statistic documents. Neither in floor heating systems nor in the domain radiator connection and sanitary systems, we started to collect information and data from associated areas like the plastic pipe produces, raw material manufacturers, pipe machine producers and we use the statistical service of the corresponding countries.

Content of the KWD-Market+Charts “Heating&Plumbing Europe 2011”

  • Introduction and Conversion Tables                                                      (Page 7 – 11)
  • Statistics: Country and Construction Information                               (Page 12 – 15)
  • Overview: Use of Heating & Plumbing Pipes per Country 2011        (Page 16 – 17)
  • The Top 10 Producers of Multilayer and PEX / PE-RT Pipes 2011   (Page 18 – 19)
  • Long Term Charts 2008 – 2014 Pipes in “Million Metres”                (Page 20 – 139)
  • Long Term Charts 2008 – 2014 Pipes in “Tons”                                  (Page 140 – 197)
  • Long Term Charts 2008 – 2014 Fittings in “Million Pieces”             (Page 198 – 255)
  • European Company News 2010-2011                                                      (Page 256 – 280)
  • Certifications                                                                                                 (Page 281 – 356)
  • Companies, alphabetical                                                                            (Page 357 – 426)

An introduction to the 2011 Report Update:

  • All market data per country is clearly presented on two opposite pages.
  • Colored line graphs illustrates the use of the most important pipe per material and application (FH, RA, SA and Totals), again clearly presented on two opposite pages.
  • All market data per country has been converted into pipes in “tons” and fittings in “million pieces”. Tables explain the conversion factors.
  • A tabular listing of granted European inspection certificates is provided by company.
  • Address and product listings have been completely revised end of 2010 and updated regularly.
  • Tabular listings of general economic data provide basic information on total area, population, population density and growth per country. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data is shown as an indicator for the economic development.
  • New housing completion numbers for Euroconstruct countries as well as for other European countries, if available, are presented clearly with annual rates of change.

The KWD report is available as Standard Version: 28 countries, charts and colored graphics, CD+Print, 740,- € for subscribers of KWD-globalpipe. The Premium Version contents additionally all chars and graphics as Excel Spreadsheet for 980,- € for subscribers.

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