KWD Market + Charts „Multilayer Pipes Worldwide“ 2010

The Multilayer Pipe Market, tightly displayed: Manufacturer, Capacities, Market and Products:

  • 202 pages, therefrom 16 pages with charts and graphics
  • 138 Manufacturer worldwide with Production capacities 2008 – 2010, pipe diameters and inliner materials
  • a detailed introduction into Multilayer Pipes: Definition, Materials, Fittings, and manufacturing technology
  • historic development of the Multilayer Pipe and the market
  • up to date Certification lists of: AENOR, CSTB, (DIN-) DVGW, KIWA and SKZ
  • 250 Companies in the Multilayer Pipe Market with address, Product Catalogue and Brands.

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To gather all the info, four persons have researched intensively for over 3 months, they have written to countless corporations, conducted many interviews and had many discussions, correlated and validated the info they received on capacity, material and pipe diameter, and interpreted certificates and statistics. Our contacts from all over the world have validated the results once more, revising data whenever it was deemed necessary. The result of this effort is the now published KWD Market Study: “Multilayer Pipe s Worldwide 2010”, in which the data from each company listed that manufactures and sells multilayer pipes has been verified.

What is new:

  • A detailed introduction describes the definition, history, materials, fittings and manufacturing technology of multilayer pipes
  • The multilayer pipe producers are listed with capacities (2008 – 2010). used inliner materials and pipe diameters
  • The multilayer pipe producer list is additionally available on CD as excel spreadsheet
  • up to date certification lists are printed in clearly arranged spreadsheets
  • The address part will be found in the printed book and is additionally available on CD

We are aware that there might be many more producers of multilayer pipes, if one believes the numbers manufacturers of pipe extruding systems report as having sold. From a Chinese multilayer pipe line manufacturer we know for example, that, since 2008, worldwide more than 300 systems were sold to manufacture multilayer pipes. + + + We have, for the purpose of this survey only included those manufacturers, whose production could be validated by us.

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