Zetaesse /Italy: First pre-insulated copper tube named “CUPEX”

Logo Zetaeese.itEstablished in 1973 by Cav. Luigi Vittorio Zecchin, Zetaesse immediately gives a turningZetaesse CUPEX pipe insulated copper to the standard plumbing technique by introducing the first pre-insulated copper tube named “CUPEX”, the brand that gave start to the “energy saving” era. Step by step, the range of products Zetaesse has been steadily expanded and diversified to meet the new requirements in terms of installation.
Zetaesse EUROPEX PE-X pipe
Today Zetaesse manufactures copper pipes, PEX / Al / PEX multilayer pipes EuroPex and IsoPex (= EuroPex PE-reticulated foam coated pipe), copper fittings, multilayer press-fittings and PE foam.

In 2007 Zetaesse bought a PEX / Al / PEX multilayer pipes production unit (see kwd-globalpipe 262, 12.11.2007).

Zetaesse ISOPEX PE-X pipeIn 2009 Zetaesse released a brand new and revolutionary solution in the solar heating field GIRASOLE, a copper pipe with a new coating made by two distinct layers: a slab of a particular mixture of synthetic fibers coupled with a PEX foam layer. This union allows the coating to be resistant to high temperatures; that is why GIRASOLE is guaranteed up to a constant temperature of 180° C!

As usual Zetaesse exhibited in MCE mostra convegno expocomfort 2010, scheduled from 23 to 27 March 2010 at the new exhibition center in Rho-Milan.

Source: Zetaesse SpA, I-Vedelago (TV), info@zetaesse.it | www.zetaesse.it

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