WRW receive the business prize of the Town of Ahlen

Loyality and innovation as a basis for success!  The pioneers in the production of overlap-welded multilayer pipes celebrate their decision they made 8 years before when taking the future into their hands.

wrw-mammutLoyality means reliability, honesty and consistency. WRW’s founders Gerhard Auenthal, Edmund Pilarski and Horst Aschentrup have demonstrated loyality towards the industrial location of Ahlen, to their employees and to the multilayer pipe industry. Today, the success is clearly visible: A permanently growing company, a committed staff, a modern production hall and approx. 40 million running meters PE-RT/AL/PE-RT multilayer pipe produced in 2012. This ranks WRW number 5 worldwide in this industry in 2012 with an export rate between 70 and 80 per cent.

From left to right: Dr. Benedikt Hüffner, President of the local Chamber of Commerce, Horst Aschentrup, Edmund Pilarski and Gerhard Auenthal, Mayor Benedit Ruhmöller, Susanne Festge, Deputy Head of the District Authority, Peter Schmidt, President of the pro Ahlen e.V. and Jörg Stegemann, Managing Director of WFG Ahlen mbH. (photo: WRW)

This is surely an outcome which the three company founders did not expect eight years ago! The decision to set up an own company did not come naturally. After the former company owner from Finland decided to move the factory which employed the three founders and many long-time employees – some of them have been working for the company nearly 20 years and played an important role in the development and production of the multilayer pipe – to Thüringen the decision to found this company was made. A concept was created, banks had to be convinced, a production hall had to be found, a management consultancy had to be engaged and many more aspects had to be considered in the decision making and financial planning. The personal commitment was very high and the nerves sometimes tensed to the extreme.

The ‘Ahlen Mammoth’ is awarded by Benedikt Ruhmöller, Mayor of the Town of Ahlen.

The main objectives when having founded WRW were to produce the best pipes and, if possible, to employ all workers who had become unemployed by the re-location of the former company. With rapid speed, the management trio worked on the company’s positioning and expansion. Many reports of past KWD issues clearly support this:

photo: WRW

June 2005: „Without any compromise a production was launched which is optimally prepared in all sectors for future innovation opportunities. For WRW, competence means innovation, no fluctuation. […] WRW customers can rely on a high competence in the pipe production as well as in a prompt and uncomplicated way of assessing and realizing new product ideas.“

September 2006:WRW announce the installation of a second production line manufacturing multilayer pipes. “With this, the company clearly exceeded the target planning for their second business year. […] The overall order situation has been developed more positive than expected. Even now, the client may choose among 13 standard measurements within the nominal diameter range of between 16 and 32 mm and various materials.“

November 2007: „As an innovative manufacturer WRW have been established themselves on the international market. The first part of the business plan has been realized successfully: Reorganization of the pipe production concept which has been realized in an independent way and out of own resources. […] With the development of the 11.6 x 1.5 mm pipe dimension only 2 years after the foundation WRW set a clear sign and due to this, the clientele has been expanded. Today there are three extrusion lines available in a far too small production hall. The third machine is designed for nominal outer diameters up to 75 mm. […] In December 2007 the production shall move to the new hall. For the expansion of the capacities a further machine is planned to be set up in the new production hall. Additionally, the course for a new system regarding the quality management and the laboratory techniques is set.“

photo: WRW
photo: WRW

June 2008: „WRW celebrate a special anniversary: The successful cooperation of a team being unique in its way has been lasting for 25 years. 25 years ago the history of overlap-welded multilayer pipes started! The team which now forms the company’s management trio has led this pipe construction from the patent award up the readiness for volume production and has remained technical leader in this field until today.“

During the official ceremony and the presentation of the business prize in shape of the ‚Ahlen Mammoth‘  received by  the Town of Ahlen 2012, many political and business guests as well as the society paid tribute to WRW.  Gerhard Auenthal, Edmund Pilarski and Horst Aschentrup celebrated themselves, but gave also credit to their employees pointing out that without their staff’s support and commitment such a success would not have been possible.

WRW’s management trio and their employees

Congratulations come also from Willi Lammering and Thomas Heuser from herotec GmbH in Ahlen.

Things certainly remain exciting at Westfaelische Rohrwerke. They do not want to rest themselves on former success and have already started to work on new application fields. Also the company’s management shall be expanded by further and younger staff members.

All of the KWD team would like to say to WRW:

„Congratulations and many success in further innovative developments!“

source: www.wrw-ahlen.com