Wavin Ekoplastik: New improved generation of PP-R / Al Therm Plus system

Heating distribution systems safer and more reliable with Ekoplastik Therm Plus

System Ekoplastik Therm Plus is available in white and grey colors in diameters of 20-40 mm. Broad range of fittings designed for heating distribution systems.

photo: WAVIN Ekoplastik s.r.o
photo: WAVIN Ekoplastik s.r.o

The benefits are:

  • Significantly improved pressure resistance at higher temperatures: Temperature resistance up to 90°C at pressure of 8 bar (Class 5 according to EN ISO 15874)
  • 100% oxygen barrier
  • Higher flow rate: On average 15 % higher versus previous generation of Therm pipes
  • 3x lower linear thermal expansion compared to solid wall PPR pipe

Contact: Wavin Ekoplastik s.r.o., Czech Republic, ekoplastik@ekoplastik.cz, www.ekoplastik.com