Wavin Ekoplastik introduces Fiber Basalt Plus – a pipe as solid as a rock

The new PP-RCT and basalt fiber – new generation materials – pipe, an unrivalled product, will be officially unveiled on ISH Frankurt on Wavin booth.

wavin-ekoplastikEkoplastik is one of the finest brands in polypropylene pressure piping systems industry – a synonym for highest quality products, best materials and thoughtful design of all components.

The story of the brand began in Czech Republic in 1990. Since then, Ekoplastik manufactured more than 500,000 kilometres of pipes, enough to twist our mother Earth more than 12 times. Ekoplastik PPR pressure piping system is renowned and available in more than 50 countries in the world.

Today, Ekoplastik is by far the biggest Czech manufacturer of PPR pressure piping systems, and ranks among the world’s top players. Its reputation stands for quality, innovation, tradition and experience, and excellent technical support available to all customers.

FIBER BASALT PLUS, a unique three layer pipe reinforced with basalt fiber, made from PP-RCT – polypropylene of new generation. The benefits of the pipe:

  • The pipe is intended for drinking water, hot water and heating.
  • In comparison to the current FIBER pipe, it brings
  • –  50% higher pressure resistance at higher temperatures,
  • –  Temperature resistance up to 90°C, and
  • – 20% higher throughput.
  • The thermal expansion is 3 times lower, compared to solid wall PPR pipes.
  • And finally, it can be welded without surface treatment.
photo: Wavin Ekoplastik s.r.o.
photo: Wavin Ekoplastik s.r.o.

FIBER BASALT PLUS pipes are marked according to “S” series. Previous way of marking the pipes with “PN” number cannot be used for pipes made of new generation material PP-RCT, because working parameters of such pipes (pressure, temperature, service life) significantly exceed those of pipes made of PPR.

Benefits of basalt and PP-RCT: Basalt fiber is reinforcement with excellent properties, like strength and resistance, utilized in many industries. PP-RCT is a new generation polypropylene, guaranteeing reliable operation in even the most demanding fields of application of high pressures at high temperatures.

Product movie: Please have a look at the company’s product movie, where you will find important information about FIBER BASALT PLUS, including interview with the research and development director: http://basalt.ekoplastik.com/produktovy-film.aspx?lang=en

Contact: Wavin Ekoplastik s.r.o., Czech Republic, www.ekoplastik.com / For more information: http://basalt.ekoplastik.com