Tiemme got DVGW certification for Waterblock fittings with PEX/Al pipe systems

The German certification body DVGW, one of the largest and internationally renowned, has issued a new and important certification for the fitting system of the Waterblock and multi layer pipe series.

tiemmeAfter having undergone strict German tests, the fitting and pipe system proved to be compliant with the DVGW W270 and W570 standards. This has qualified the system as suitable also for use in drinking water delivery systems.

tiemme-dvgwTiemme’s Waterblock-GN fittings are the answer to the need for an only group of fittings able to connect the many different types of pipes which are present in plumbing systems. Thanks to a specially designed one-piece body, copper, PEX or multilayer pipes can be joined simply by using compression and press fittings.

This new solution, which eliminates possible contact between the fluid and the superficial nickel-plated layer, makes the Waterblock-GN series compliant with the strict European standards regarding materials to be used for water distribution for human consumption.

The Waterblock-GN fittings are available in various shapes for joining the following pipes: Copper pipes from 10 to 18mm, PEX pipes from 12 to 20mm and multi layer pipes from 14 to 20mm.

Contact: Tiemme Raccorderie S.p.A., Italy, www.tiemme.com