The Orginal – the multi layer composite pipe system from Uponor

[inspic=14,left,,100]20 years of experience on multi layer composite pipes.

Uponor knows exactly, how a really good multi layer composite pipe system should perform. Uponor stands for more than 20 years of unique customer proximity and innovation leadership. Pipes, fittings and system technology – Uponor offers the complete programme: certified safety and guaranteed reliability, a comprehensive worldwide network of local Uponor companies and distributors in more than 100 countries.

Since 1990 Uponor has produced multi layer composite pipes in Germany. Our pipe production in Zella-Mehlis has produced more than 650 Million metres of pipes in all these years – experience at a glance!

[inspic=277,right,fullscreen,250]An all-around system

The Uponor multi layer composite pipe provides complete potable water installation – from house connection up to the latest tap, as single connections via manifolds, tee connection or loop system. The  stable and incrustation free pipe is easy and safe to install and has an authentic protection for drinking water. The used brass material for the system fittings meets all demands of the new German drinking water regulations. It can be used without restriction for all water qualities, which correspond to the potable water regulations. With the Uponor multi layer composite pipe you can easily and energy-efficient install complete heating systems without any problems. Using high quality Uponor multi layer composite pipes as well as corresponding system components – press and threaded fittings – the system can be connected to all standard heating components and radiators.

Comprehensive Programme from one source

Uponor is also showing competence in the construction and development of an exactly to the pipe verified fitting concept. The fitting programme with couplings, elbows, tees and a variety of Practice-oriented system components leave nothing to be desired: pressing or screwing – both methods are possible and assure everlasting water-proof connections.

Always Innovative

At the ISH fair in March 2009 Uponor presented the latest innovation. On the one hand the new fitting generation for the multi-layer composite pipe for the distributor and riser system for big dimensions until 110 mm. The Uponor multi-layer composite pipe is easy and consolidated extruded on the workbench.
On the other hand the innovation for the dimensions 14 – 32 mm: no calibration – no deburring is needed. That means less tools and time saving of about 30 % with the press connection. Uponor is and remains innovative.