the new plug-in system “BEULConnect“

[inspic=318,left,,100]This is the statement with which BEULCO is presenting a plug-in connector, the next generation of connecting technique for PE pipes. The technology of plugging-in offers real advantages in processing for the user. For the conventional ways of connecting like welding, bonding, clamping or pressing the cost price of the components is nearly on the same level for all suppliers. A higher value-added is only to be achieved by more efficiency in installations.

[inspic=319,right,fullscreen,250]Time is precious – more than ever
That is the reason why BEULCO has turned the attention on the simple handling to reduce assembly time when developing new products. Labour-intensive working steps like preparations of pipe surfaces as well as long cooling-times and  the purchase of expensive equipment for welding and pressing will no longer be a problem for users.The demand for pipe connections that are simple and permanently dense has been convincingly fulfilled by the new BEULconnect. Only few hand grips are necessary to connect the pipes. Mistakes in mounting can nearly be excluded.

[inspic=320,left,fullscreen,250]Burring, marking the depth to plug in, plugging-in, finished!
For the special craftsmen this means an enormous advantage in competition.  The BEULconnect meets the strong requirement acc. to DIN 8076:2008 and DIN 50930-6. By separate sealing and clamping functions it offers optimal functions in safety. No special tools are required for mounting pipes. Furthermore the slim design permits a time-saving installation even in very confined spaces. For the development team is was indispensable that the new fitting is dismountable and reusable. This fact as well as the possibility to work independent from the weather are additional advantages. All these aspects make that BEULconnect is a really interesting novelty in the market. Pipe connections made of metal offer optimal characteristics and resist high pressures, water hammers and enormous temperature fluctuations. The new BEULconnect  made of decinzification-poor brass with EPDM sealing elements is particularly safe from extracting. It is applicable for PE and PE-Xa pipes up to a pressure of PN 16 and is available in the dimensions Ø 25 to Ø 63. These characteristics are attractive for applications with cold and warm water up to 40° C, for gas, drinking water, the utilisation of rain water as well as for buried pipe constructions in the field of drinking water supply. Approvals from DVGW acc. to the new DIN 8076 and VP 600 are demanded. The basic assortment is available from midth of April, the complete productions range approx. from September.

Nothing is easier!

[inspic=321,right,fullscreen,250]Convincing plug-in technology also for corrugated steel pipes
A further novelty from BEULCO is a time-saving connection technology for corrugated steel pipes, it is the plug-in fitting BEULcomfort. When developing this new product BEULCO places emphasis on shortening times for installation whereas long-lasting safety was not neglected. The BEULcomfort offers precious time-savings as well as versatile possibilities for application. It is the ideal connection of flexible pipe constructions in the dimensions DN16, DN20 and DN25 in the field of solar and heating. It is applicable for connecting hot water tanks, heat exchangers, heaters and blowers and for boilers.  The production range comprises couplings with male and female threads, double couplings and several clamping ring connections for copper pipes. The basic assortment is available from midth of April. Further variants follow step by step.

[inspic=322,left,fullscreen,250]The advantages for the BEULcomfort
are in a considerably reduced mounting effort for pipes connections. Only by a few working steps you can reduce time and costs considerably. The plug-in fitting is repeatedly usable and do not demand any investments in special tools. That has positive influence in calculation and offers an enormous advantage over competitors. By metal sealing well-known long-time damages are avoided that can occur by sealing elements in high temperature fluctuations and external weather influences. It is very important in the field of solar that there are no decreases in pressure. Even in this field BEULcomfort impresses by a full passage in its housing. Furthermore it is the compact construction that enables a simple handling even in very confined spaces.  With BEULcomfort BEULO offers an innovative plung-in system for connections of corrugated steel pipes for applications in the field of solar and heating. The new connection technique convinces by a safe pipe installation within seconds and guarantees a connection without leckages.

Conclusion: approved and innovative
Mr. Gerhard Pülmanns, head of development department, is euphoric: With these new systems we are providing two completely innovative BEULCO solutions which have already shown their practice capability in long testing series. The medium-sized company in Attendorn offers approved product groups as well as these novelties which are demanded in the field of connection technique: connection systems, easy to handle and flexible, that offers exquisite products and excellent service.

Quality means safety
The well-known brand BEULCO is a assurance for efficiency guaranteeing well-engineered technique, high-quality material and long-lasting safety.