The KWD-globalpipe Team wishes all readers a Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree
Foto: Katharina Hix

Dear Reader,

we have heard it many times before, but it is true: “2020 was a truly exceptional year”. And if we can believe all predictions, then we can at least hope to be able to celebrate Christmas as usual again in 2021. Events, trade shows and other happenings will probably continue to take place digitally. But we think that we are slowly getting used to it and also find positive aspects in the restrictions: We are clearly more at home, family becomes more important, we go for a walk “around the corner” and do not drive to any destination and we learn to appreciate health clearly more!

In this sense we wish you and your families a nice and reflective Christmas and a peaceful start into the New Year. If you or someone you know is currently unwell, we wish a good recovery – for everyone else, our sincere wish is “stay healthy”!

We are looking forward to provide you all again with information next year!