TECElogo push fitting: Available in sizes 32, 40 and 50 mm

Intelligent professional technique: Calibrate – push in – tight, a  permanently safe connection

For push-fitting, you only need one tool: Your hands.
The advantages are clear: TECElogo does not require expensive, cumbersome and maintenance-intensive pressing tools. You can therefore reach hard-to-access places that you wouldn’t be able to get to with a heavy pressing tool.

photo: TECE GmbH
photo: TECE GmbH

Speed is a competitive advantage. The installation time is a determining factor for the costs that arise for the building client. With TECElogo, installation can be up to 30% faster than with pressing systems. In addition to the installation time, the TECElogo system offers an additional advantage after completion: The burr can’t be forgotten! In the best case, this involves a lengthy search after the pressure test. For TECElogo it’s just a matter of calibrating, push-fitting and the connection is tight.

Can be disconnected and reused
Everyone makes mistakes. But if a connection has been put together incorrectly, the TECElogo key can be used to undo it again. All parts of the fitting can be reused. No fitting has to be thrown away because of a mistake. That saves money.

A safe bet
The TECElogo connection is safe, guaranteed! TECElogo has proved its suitability for the construction site in countless tests. TECElogo even passed a reproduction of a famous test by Otto von Guericke. While only 4 horses were used, in contrast to the 16 in the original test, it showed that the fitting is able to withstand tensile load under extreme conditions.

photo: TECE GmbH
photo: TECE GmbH

The advantages of TECElogo:

  • Time savings of up to 30% compared to pressing systems
  • Can be disconnected and completely reused
  • Can be universally used for potable water and heating installation
  • Streamline design, easy to insulate
  • No pressing tools
  • No tool maintenance
  • Closed inspection window

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