T.H.E. MACHINES: protection gas free welding for multi-layer pipes

T.H.E. MACHINES presents protection gas free welding for composite pipe systems

The continued supply issues and un-availability of helium, an essential forming gas in the TIG welding process of Aluminium multilayer pipes, is giving rise to concerns and problems to multilayer pipe manufacturers.

photo: T.H.E. MACHINES
photo: T.H.E. MACHINES

Since it is expected that the supply situation will be further aggravated in years to come, Swiss company T.H.E. MACHINES has continued to drive forward the field of protection gas free laser welding for all tube sizes from 6 mm up to 110 mm.

The new range of LSL longitudinal laser welding equipment is available immediately in the machine types 40, 63 and 110 for composite tube diameters up to 40 mm, 63 mm and 110 mm.

The equipment is supplied with a 2 KW laser source, the actual power utilization can be considered as excellent with a maximum consumption of up to 18 KW (incl. cooling). The laser source itself is furthermore very low in maintenance requirements.

High process speeds are guaranteed with an integrated optical seam tracking system.

photo: T.H.E. MACHINES
photo: T.H.E. MACHINES

The quality of the entire seam integrity and full weld depth and volume is checked using latest multi-channel remote field Eddy current testing. The ECC100 is exclusively available from T.H.E. MACHINES, also as a stand-alone solution and unit or as retrofitting to existing lines. The LSL can be integrated into any existing composite and multilayer pipe manufacturing system.

In addition each LSL is suitable for the welding of stainless steel tape, as well as for overlap  welding of thin aluminium tapes down to thicknesses of 80 my.

source: www.the-machines.ch