SKZ opens a new Training Center in China

The Minister of Economic Affairs of Baden-Württemberg, Nils Schmid, opens a new SKZ Training Center in China

 On 14th of October 2012 in Kunshan as part of the opening of the Startup Factory a further SKZ educational location is entering into service.

German Plastics Center SKZ recognized the potential of the Chinese market for further training and education some years ago and started to extend its activities step by step. I order to achieve a sustainable presence on the market for further training and education SKZ has decided to open a Training Center in China with the corresponding technical workshops in order to carry out the practical training courses such as Injection Molding and Welding on the regular basis.

 This Injection Molding workshop, equipped with this high-quality machines, is an important basis to provide the state-of-the-arte education with a high amount of practical training. The training courses are tailored to skilled workers, technicians and engineers, occupying  technical and leading positions in the plastics industry in China.

 SKZ training center is located in the Startup Factory in the city of Kunshan, Province Jiangsu, about 40 kilometers west of Shanghai. The training center offers many companies, working within the plastics industry and located in the metropolitan area of Shanghai, the best conditions to train their specialists according to German standards.

 The Startup Factory is a model of two German companies with a long-time experience in China that enables small and medium size enterprises the ideal entry into the Chinese market by providing significant support. On 14th of October 2012, during his visit to China, the Minister of Economic Affairs of Baden-Württemberg,  Nils Schmid, participated at the Opening Ceremony of the Startup Factory in Kunshan. German Plastics Center was very pleased with the participation of the Minister at the Opening Ceremony of the SKZ new subsidiary.

 About German Plastics Center SKZ

SKZ with the meanwhile more than 260 employees is one of the worldwide leading plastics institutes. As partner of the plastics industry for more than 50 year, SKZ performs, among other things, quality testing, inspections and quality assurance. Furthermore, SKZ leads the market within training and knowledge transfer in the plastics industry with more than 10.000 participants each year. In the area of research, products and production technologies are being developed and improved according to market needs. Lust but not least, with the certification of managements systems SKZ offers the best requirements for efficiency and economical success.

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