SILON – “the future starts now” is the slogan of the K 2013

Silon presents at K 2013 trade show a new Crosslinking Process: Thermal Treatment chambers (Presented in KWD-globalpipe 484, July 25, 2013)

silon-0KWD-globalpipe, 27.09.2013. “This chamber is not only a huge step forward in terms of crosslinking speed, but also a quantum jump in the direction of the actual and “future” requirements of the German UBA (Umweltbundesamt) for all plastic pipes” says Wolfgang Putz, General Manager of Silon International.

As tested by the German UBA on available pipes in the market the actual situation shows that not all plastic pipes, even if they have an approval, would fulfill the necessary requirements of plastic products in contact with drinking water, if the present draft will be adopted.

Everybody producing and selling plastic pipes for drinking water application has the responsibility to deliver pipes that meet the requirements of the German UBA. The future required values will be even reduced:

photo: SILON
photo: SILON

Conclusion – everyone needs a new solution for the future.

The thermal treatment chamber DE LAMA DLCTT, the ONE-WAY solution for drinking water pipes:

  1. crosslinking achievement in 3 hours
  2. fulfillment of the “new” requirements for the drinking water approval
photo: SILON
photo: SILON

Silon and De Lama will present their cooperation for the future at the K 2013 (7.1 B25)

silon-0Silon s.r.o., established in 1950, a midsize compounder and one of the worldwide biggest producers of PE-Xb compounds/catalysts (TABOREX) for sanitary and heating pipe production, located in Czech Republic.

de_lamaDE LAMA, established in 1949, situated in San Martino Sicco-mario (Pavia, Italy) is one of the most well-known and leading manufacturers of sterilization equipment with thousands of chambers supplied all over the world.

Contact: Silon s.r.o., Czech,