Silon presents at K 2013 a new Crosslinking Process: Thermal Treatment chambers

On their booth at K 2013 Silon will show a faster and easier way of crosslinking of PE-Xb pipes by using saturated steam autoclaves f  rom De Lama, Pavia /Italy.

silon-0SILON International GmbH, a part of the worldwide acting SILON-Group, is very ambitious on the market for silane-crosslinkable pipes. The requirements for plastic pipes are very high and in future they will go on rising, as well as the demand for “high performance pipes”.

de_lamaDE LAMA, established in 1949, situated San Martino Sicco-mario (Pavia, Italy) in is one of the most well-known and leading manufacturers of sterilization equipment with thousands of plants supplied all over the world.

photo: Silon
photo: Silon

DE LAMA offers with the DLCTT, thermal treatment chamber, an easier and faster way of crosslinking for PE-Xb pipes. Already packed pipes can be crosslinked in an amazingly short cycle in satureated steam autoclaves. Referring to DE LAMA the new cycle saves more than 50% of the time producing PE-Xb pipes: 3 hours versus 7,5 hours.

The current crosslinking process:

  • pipes are connected to manifolds and flown through by hot water
  • labor intensive
  • huge amount of wasted water
  • cumbersome logistics
  • poor temperature and process control
  • no repeatability
  • no data tracking
photo: Silon
  • pipes are loaded on the pallet, already packed
  • pallets are manually rolled in the DLCTT, which is pit mounted to be flush with the factory floor
  • pipes are crosslinked with saturated steam
  • at the end of crosslinking cycle pallets are manually rolled out of the DLCTT; they are dry and packed, ready for shipment

How high is the quality standard in the NEW cycle?

Each load (i.e. pipe diameter, coil length, packing type, number of coils per pallet, number of pallets per load) can be “validated” and stored as a separate job. For each type of load operator simply needs to retrieve with a “one-touch” operation the corresponding “validated” job. The cycle is automatically carried out using exactly the “validated” parameters, for that very type of pipe and load, thus always achieving the same results for the same type of load (repeatability).

photo: silon
photo: silon

Silon will show K 2013 an original saturated steam autoclaves DLCTT from DE LAMA, Italy, and demonstrate the new crossinking process. Silon represents its products in hall 7.1, booth B25. K 2013 takes place in October, 16 – 23, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

About Silon

SILON International GmbH specialises in all polyolefin pipe applications such as PE-LD, PE-MD, PE-HD, PP homo, PP copo, PP random, crosslinked polyethylene – PE-Xa, PE-Xb or PE-Xc and especially in compounds for the production of PE-Xb pipes, shrinking tubes and profiles. PE-Xb is the abbreviation for Silane crosslinkable Polyethylene high-density polyethylene for pipe applications.

Contact: Silon International GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany,