SILON: PE-Xb for heating&plumbing pipes pays off – ask the Golden Questions

Silon starts marketing campaign for PE-Xb: „Ask the golden questions – know the counter arguments“ and lists the main application benefits of PE-Xb compared to PE-RT.

SILON, a leading producer of technical compounds and polyester staple fibers, offers a wide range of products and technical assistance.

The history of PE-Xb products in SILON goes back more than 20 years. Since that time a wide range of crosslinkable compounds, TABOREX, has been offered to the market. TABOREX became the material of choice in many applications, where a good balance between outstanding properties and reasonable cost is required.

TABOREX represents a premium quality product line based on silane grafted polyethylene (PE-Xb) technology especially designed for versatile applications. Purpose-fitted TABOREX systems are available for the production of pipes, tubes, wire and cable, films and others. It provides a cost-effective solution in a wide range of application areas. It fills the gap between standard polymers and high-priced technical polymers. The technical performance of TABOREX is characterized by:

  • High maximum service temperature
  • Chemical resistance even at elevated temperature conditions
  • Outstanding slow and rapid crack resistance especially at low temperatures
  • Memory effect

In the market for heating & plumbing applications PE-Xb is used for underfloor heating pipes but also for hot and cold water pipes. It is used in full plastic pipes as well as in aluminum multilayer pipes. During the last years PE-Xb got more and more under pressure by pipes of PE-RT. So now Silon helps arguing for PE-Xb against PE-RT:

  • Aging Resistance: The lifetime of PE-Xb is multiplied to PE-RT pipes even in aggressive environment.
  • High Flexibility: Latest product developments assure PE-Xb material reaches similar level of flexibility as PE-RT.
  • Impact Resistance: PE-Xb pipes are less vulnerable compared to PE-RT pipes when handled and installed at a construction site.
  • Higher Burst Pressure: PE-Xb can withhold higher pressure than PE-RT particular at higher temperatur.
  • Excellent Surface Finishing: Assures smooth fluid or gas flow inside PE-Xb pipe.
  • Chemical Resistance: Increased lifetime even with highly chlorinated water.
  • Qualitiy vs. Price: PE-Xb is the most typical and the most affordable type of plastic tubing used worldwide.
  • Easy Installation: Universal fitting system and wider use of PE-Xb tubing worldwide.
  • Overall Production Advantage: High extrusion speed on standard lines and no special equipment is needed for PE-Xb.

High pressure and fracture resistance of PE-Xb is proven by the relevant material standard ISO 15875. Requirements of this PEX standard are much higher than those of thermoplastic materials such as PE-RT where ISO 22391 needs to be followed.