SILON /CZE: PEX Days – Successful Premiere

“Water is one of mankind’s most important resources” – said Dr Ronald Voigt at the opening of the first “PEX days by SILON” conference.

silon-0KWD-globalpipe, 17.09.2014. The improved availability and quality of potable water is one of the World Health Organization‘s most important goals and because the most efficient way to transport and deliver potable water is through pipes, it is essential to improve the standard quality of water pipe systems. Indeed, the conference focused on new developments in the field of raw materials and technologies for water distribution systems, especially for hot water applications.

photo: SILON
photo: SILON

Different speeches gave the participants of the PEX Days by Silon an overview on the world of pipes for hot and cold water installations:

  • The quantitative development of PEX and MCP pipes in Europe (KWD-globalpipe / Jutta Hix)
  • Chlorinated Water Testing and Effect on Long-Term Pipe Performance (Exova / Jarno Hassinen)
  • Hygienic Assessmen of Organic Materials in Contact with Drinking Water – Focus on Pipes (Hygiene Institut Gelsenkirchen / Nicole Krüger)
  • Curing of Plastic Pipes in Saturated Steam Chamber DLCTT (De Lama / Andrea Muggiasca)
  • Silon PE-Xb Product Portfolio and new Developments (Silon / Dieter Scholz)
  • Aluminium for MLP Systems (Aleris / Michel van den Eynde)
  • Maillefer Solutions for Heating & Plumbing Application (Maillefer / Alain Schiess)
  • Process a. Commercial Aspects of the Steam Chamber DLCTT (De Lama / Andrea Muggiasca)
  • Clean Pipe Systems (Clean Pipe / Guiseppe Marini)

Reports about crosslinking and sterilization of PEX(b)-pipes using saturated steam autoclaves (DLCTT thermal treatment chambers), as well as the presentation of a new “Clean pipe” concept, have been the focal points of discussion. Both concepts have shown great potential for minimising the contamination of potable water through contact with the pipe.

photo: SILON
photo: SILON

The mixture of reports, the wonderful place for discussions and a “get together”, the possibility of visiting the production and not to forget the excellent organization have made this event to a success story. So Silon concludes: “The great interest in the conference and the excellent standard of discussion are very good reasons for enabling ´PEX days by SILON´ become a tradition in the hot water pipe industry.”

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