SILON: “A record-breaking million helps a good thing…” – PE-Xb logo out of compounds

Summer is linked to water and this is why SILON decided to promote the unique PE-Xb material, and the quality and availability of water within the terms of a teambuilding event for the Sales and Marketing Department. SILON produced this material under the name TABOREX since 1994. It is primarily used for making plumbing and heating pipes and its main advantage is that it is resistant to chlorination, because over 90% of water in the EU is treated using chlorine or chlorine dioxide. The service life of plastic pipes made from PE-Xb pipes is also up to three times longer than that of competitors plastic pipes according to independent research companies.

Sales and marketing people strove for an entry in the Czech Book of Records during the last week in June. The Dobrý den agency from Pelhřimov carefully supervised adherence to the record regulations. The biggest logo PE-Xb in the world, measuring 10 x 4 m, created by pouring out over 3,750,000 pieces of technological compound, came to life shortly after eleven O`clock on 27 June 2019 on the roof of the SILON´s R&D centrum as a result of team work, mutual inspiration and an ever-present good mood. You can see the video from this activity on Silon Linkedin profile.

The SILON s.r.o. Company also took part in this event in support of the UNICEF Organisation. It donated CZK 1,000 for each person who took part in the “fight for a record”, which means that CZK 23,000 will be donated to the “Wash” programme, which helps children in Africa obtain access to better quality water.

SILON´s marketing department follows its long-term strategy, which generally promotes greater visibility of safe water

transport (“SAFE PIPES, SAFE WATER”).  SILON will introduce within August a new optimizing microsite, where you should find monthly blog on actual topic.


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