Schütz Energy Systems: Reorganization in the Netherlands

[inspic=190,left,,110]Since April 2008, a team of five at Schütz Energy Systems has been handling the growing – and highly aware in energy matters – Dutch market: The new consultant in the Schütz field sales team is 41-year old Rob de Goeii, a specialist in floor heating systems. A further new colleague should be joining him within the next few weeks – the search is running at full speed. As of now, the project planners and product experts, Wouter Groot (29) and Antonio Campos Lopez (44), will be responsible for back office sales. The sales team of the German manufacturer remains unchanged with Tjade van der Snel (27) and Joffrey Eekers (31) – two employees of the longstanding Dutch Schütz partner ‘Oude Elferink B. V. with head office in Enschede. ..More: , 2008-05-20, No.281.