Schütz: airConomy® surface heating system with seal of quality for room climate

Multifunctional surface heating and ventilation system trumps in hygiene test / The  Ruhr  District  Institute  of  Environmental  Hygiene  awards  certificate  /  A1 room  air  –  also  for  care  institutions  and  hospitals  /  Schütz  Energy  Systems has a new manager, Alexander Muster

Selters/Gelsenkirchen  (hds).  –  Germs,  bacteria,  dirt  and  the  rest  don’t  stand  a chance  with  airconomy,  the  multifunctional  surface  heating  system.  This  is  the conclusion  reached  by  the  Ruhr  District  Institute  of  Environmental  Hygiene  in Gelsenkirchen. The scientists’ official test report is cause for celebration for Schütz Energy Systems, which manufactures the system. For Alexander Muster (42), since 2011 the new manager of the Schütz division, the result confirms what the company itself had previously concluded from its own tests. “With the certificate awarded by the  hygiene  researchers,  it  has  now  been  officially  established  that  airconomy satisfies  the  requirements  of  air  conditioning  systems  and  therefore  complies  with the hygiene directive VDI 6022, page 1. The institute tested the hygienic handling of the system and found it to be flawless – yet another point in our innovative system’s favour. This positive result will prove useful in our efforts to promote the installation of  airconomy  –  at  the  construction  stage  –  in  new  buildings  for  social  institutions, such as schools and hospitals.”

One system – three functions  

How airconomy works (photo: Schütz)
How airconomy works (photo: Schütz)

Whether  installed  in  private  houses  or  commercial  buildings,  in  hotels  or  gyms, airconomy wins everyone over to its advantages – from the people who commission a  building  to  those  who  live  in  it  or  use  it.  That’s  because  airconomy  is  a multifunctional  surface-heating  system  that  combines  three  different  functions: heating, ventilation and – if required – cooling, too. The system is both practical to use and extremely energy and cost-efficient. The central feature of airconomy is its warm-water  surface  heating  system  with  integrated,  controlled  room  ventilation. Fresh  air  is  supplied  through  virtually  invisible  ventilation  slits  that  are  let  into  the floor. As it continuously replaces odour-contaminated and polluted air with fresh air, airconomy not only lets healthy people breathe easy, as the saying goes, but also and  especially  allergy  sufferers.  The  ventilation  system’s  integrated  filters  lock  in pollen  and  fine  particles  of  dust  before  they  can  even  enter  the  rooms.  The ventilation function also helps to protect against damp and mould.

Clean and efficient – a life long 

The intelligent surface heating and ventilation system has long been an integral and innovative  part  of  architects’  and  planners’  complex  and  coordinated  building services technology concepts. A further advantage is that the entire system operates with  lower  supply  temperatures  than  conventional  surface  heating  systems.  This makes the system particularly ideal for transmitting the energy generated by modern equipment, such as geothermal heat pumps. The ventilation system’s heat recovery rate is a rather impressive roughly 90 per cent. The ventilator’s energy consumption is  minimal  compared  to  the  amount  of  energy  saved,  and  the  entire  system  is
extremely economical.