[inspic=282,left,,115]Dizayn Group Pipes will bring solution to drinking water difficulties of Santa Domingo, the capital City of the Dominican Republic. Dizayn Group, which is Turkey’s most important brand in heating and sanitary sector , exports to the Dominican Republic pipes and fittings that will be used in the capital city Santa Domingo’s infrastructure Project called ” En Construccion by Pass Sistema Valdesa-Santa Domingo”.[inspic=281,right,,]The PE pipes with 1600mm diameter which will be used for the drinking water project in Santa Domingo have the feature to be the first in the world. The Dominican authorities preferred this world record holder pipes because they are resistant to disasters. Dizayn Group authorities stated ” After a period of ongoing talks we came to a result and export is done in April 2009 in Tekirdağ- Akport Harbour”.

Resistant to natural disasters
The Dominican Republic is placed in the Caribbean Hispanyol island and is exposed to continious hurricanes which causes seriously water shortages that affects life. While transporting clean water is a serious problem in the Dominican Republic , it is given great importance to this new project. Because this drinking water project will bring a solution to this clean water problem in the city.
Hakan Özdemir Vice President of Dizayn Group , pointed out the clean water pipes that will be used for this project are pressure pipes. He said ” the features of pipes we exported are under pressure not breakable of join and don’t leak.This high chemical resistance pipes are also resistant against natural disasters. He said; ” Because of the high production technology standarts , these pipes don’t crack and have a high resistant against blows. These pipes are suitable for the land structure in Santa Domingo where they will be implemented and they are certainly not affected by sunlight.”