Sanha: 3fit Push – now also applicable with plastic-coated, thin-walled copper pipes

[inspic=86,left,,100]The plug fitting system 3fit-Push of Sanha was certified of the DVGW (German association of the gas and water trade) in connection with Sanha MultiFit-Flex- pipes as well as thin-walled, plastic-coated copper pipes of the producers Wieland (cupro-therm CTX), KME (Q-Tec) and Halcor (Cusmart). Therewith, all certifications that are currently possible for that modern, time and cost-saving plug system in connection with plastic coated, thin-walled copper pipes are on hand. Because of the installation without tools, these professional plug fittings are opti-mally adapted for tight assembling situations like for example in the front-wall installation or in trusses. The available dimensions (14,16 and 20 mm) are particularly conformed with the necessities of the floor allocation. Due to the simple plugging of the robust fittings one can considerably save time at the instal-lation. Furthermore neither pressing tools nor their maintenance is necessary, what benefits the capital commitment as well as the costs. A viewing window allows for the control of the correct plugging depth at the installation. The sealing occurs by two independent sealing rings, whereas the lasting fixation is strongly ensured by dint of a massive mounting key with patented LF-function. An existing claw of stainless steel only retains the raw material during the installation without invading the material thereby.