Sagiv/Israel: DVGW testing were completed for UltraSlide pipe fitting system

Sagiv Ltd is releasing its UltraSlideTM – the ultimate slide pipe fitting system. UltraSlideTM is an innovative slide fitting system patented by Sagiv, for domestic water and hydronic systems.

It provides a superior solution for PEX and PEX & PE-RT multilayer pipes as it guarantees no damage to the aluminum layer. Since no O-Ring is needed, the leakage-free system allows for 20% extra flow. Sagiv presented its UltraSlide fitting for the first time in 2010 at the Convegno in Milano.

In the last year Sagiv made a major progress with the UltraSlideTM system. Here are the highlights of our achievements in 2011:

  • DVGW testing were completed successfully (final certificate document is in process)
  • The Israeli standard was passed successfully
  • First product sale & installation took place successfully in Israel and Europe
  • The Manuel tool was further improved
  • The Hydraulic tool is in its final development phase, where we focus on delivering a heavy duty tool, that can last field installations flawless

About Sagiv

Located at Mashabei Sadeh, Sagiv is Israel’s leading company for the production and export of ball valves, special valves and accessories on demand. The plant exports its products to the most advanced and demanding industrialized nations in the world along with developing areas who are seeking advanced flow control solutions.

More information please see KWD-globalpipe no. 384, 07.03.2011 and no. 393, 27.04.2011, “Innovative Pipe System UltraSlide was of great interest at ISH 2011”.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Gidi Gottlieb, International Sales Manager of Sagiv,

Contact: Sagiv Ltd., Kibbuts Mashabei Sade /Israel,