Sagiv, manufacturer of the Pipe System UltraSlide, participates at ISH

Sagiv Ltd. a leading producer of hot forging brass + solutions, is proud to annouce its participation at ISH 2011 in Frankfurt Messe, and Hannover Messe, the European leading sub-contracting confrence.

Located at Mashabei Sadeh, Sagiv is Israel’s leading company for the production and export of ball valves, special valves and accessories on demand. These allow full control of water, gas, petrol and oil flow. The products are integrated within many systems in industry, construction, air conditioning and agriculture.

Sagiv specializes in processing brass using hot forging and precision machining technologies. The greatest advantage with these production methods is that parts are made from one piece of metal with no seams or weak points. Consequently they have outstanding strength and stability, providing reliable service for years.

At Sagiv is proud of the high quality control system, which is certified and operates according to ISO 9001:2000 standards and closely supervised by the Israeli Standards Authority. In addition, the products satisfy a long line of international standards, among them EN-331 and UL. Every product is carefully inspected by our Quality Control department before leaving the plant.

Sagiv plant has earned an envied reputation for high quality, flexibility and reliability – a result of our long experience in the industry and close contacts with clients.


  • Raw materials used: The main materials are copper alloys, brass and DZR brass approved for use with drinking water. All these materials used by Sagiv meet stringent European quality control standards.
  • Precision machining: In the precision engineering department Sagiv machines the forged bodies using a number of technologies: multispindle, multiflex, machining centers, transfer and CNC. This department is also set up to handle rods as raw material. These stages result in precise components that can vary in size from ½” to 2”. The machining process is computer-controlled at every point in the production chain – loading, unloading and cleaning.
  • Assembly: This is the stage that converts all components into the finished product. It includes adding parts that have undergone pressing. It also integrates other parts made from engineering plastic, stainless steel, rubber, Teflon and other materials – whatever is required to complete the final product.
  • Quality control: All final products are inspected at the end of the assembly stage before shipment.

Sagiv product lines:

Sagiv is the local market leader in the field of Gas fittings and accessories. Sagiv has also developed complex ODM solutions for local and international customers. An example of this is a Gas safety valve that offers three levels of safety, for use in the home or in Gas infrastructure installations.

Sagiv offers products and solutions in the field of Fluids & Air, such as a wide range of ball valves, control valves, etc. Sagiv has also developed complex ODM solutions for local & global clients. For example, a large variety of elector-fusion blades to be used in large cities and agricultural infrastructures.

Sagiv is a major supplier for temperature-controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV). The unit is designed to prevent scalding, by limiting the temperature of hot water at point-of-use to 50o Celsius. Sagiv offers other TMVs for an assortment of applications, and has developed complex ODM solutions for local and international customers. For example, a large range of TMVs intended particularly for hospitals and other institutions where special care is required during use.

Sagiv offers UltraSlideTM, its patented Pipe System, which surpasses existing engineering approaches and features built-in protection against installation failure. UltraSlideTM is an innovative sliding pipe system that overcomes all the drawbacks of existing pipe systems and for the first time ever offers an ultimate leakage-free technology, Single-step operation, O-Ring free and Increase flow capacity.

Sagiv is a major international supplier in the field of HVAC control valves and accessories. Sagiv has also developed complex ODM solutions for both local & global customers. For example, a proportional zone valve that offers remote temperature-control AC systems for large buildings and other infrastructure installations.

Sagiv is a quality supplier of inlet and outlet units for caravans (RVs), mobile homes, trailers, etc. The Sagiv range of products includes water inlets, Gas outlets for BBQ, shower outlets, and more.

Contact: Sagiv Lt., Kibbuts Mashabei Sade, 85510 Israel Tel. +972-8-6565333 Fax. +972-8-6565340,

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