Rifeng unveils its new brand visual identity

Rifeng has upgraded its brand logo for the first time in the second half of 2018 since foundation and has been undertaking continuous brand campaign. Rifeng’s new logo is shown below. The new logo changed the original color and font which utilized a more international font named Helvetica created by Swiss designer Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann, implying the company seeks to get more deeply integrated in the overseas market and respond to fast business environment.

Comparison between new and old logo (photo: Rifeng 2019)

Rifeng’s marketing team has been working on the brand campaign in respect of digital area. The company recently introduced its new website in the new brand image which aims to provide more convenient access to the company’s services for customers worldwide. In addition, the company created pages on different social networks such as facebook, twitter, instagram and linkedin in the hope to communicate with and know more about users worldwide.

In the mean time, Rifeng will show its new brand image in traditional channel including trade fairs, industry magazine advertisement , outdoor advertisement , retail stores etc. The company actually has showed its new image at the Canton fair, Viet Build exhibition last year and is also to participate the coming ISH trade fair in Frankfurt this year. Welcome to visit us at ISH.

Rifeng at Canton fair (photo: Rifeng 2019)

Besides the changes in traditional channel, Rifeng’s marketing team has also been working on other enhancements including product packing and promotional materials. Some of the new changes are as follows.

” In 2019, we are going to put more emphasis on improving users experience in terms of digital marketing and continue to offer marketing support to our agents rooted in different markets, ” said Philip Chen, the Marketing Director at Rifeng’s Overseas Division.