Rifeng Group:Sustainable development – Successfully accredited with the verified EDP certification

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) , a document verified and registered by the international EPD system, provides transparent and reliable information on life-cycle environmental impact of products.

For more than 20 years, Rifeng, as a world-renowned and industry-leading enterprise, has been committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable development. More and more attention is paid to reduce the impact on the environment and society, while providing high-quality products and high-standard production processes. The international EPD system has reviewed and certified this in detail. According to the ISO14025 standard and PCR 2012: 01 reference, EPD is a good indicator of the sustainability of the product, and is an important part of the modern international green building certification (such as US LEED / UK BREEAM), may used in a very important application – green purchasing programs.

Since July 2018, Rifeng certification team has started the application of EPD and was smoothly received it in July 2019. The certification senior engineer of Rifeng group, Lio Lu said:”Rifeng is committed to the environmentally friendly production. Getting EPD will help the realization of green buildings; Rifeng EPD shows the impact of products on the environment and life cycle, is a good choice of green supplier for customers”.

The Rifeng products included in this EPD but not limit to PP-R pipes, Multilayer pipes, pex pipes, PVC drainage pipes, PVC conduit fittings, PP-R fittings, crimp fittings and press fittings. In the future, with the expansion of Rifeng’s product line, more and more products will be added to the EPD certification.

Rifeng products respect people and the environment. Rifeng will always works on providing reliable, verifiable and comparable products to our customers.

Please click this link for more detail: https://www.environdec.com/Site-search/?query=rifeng