Revel, Czech Republic, offers a technical solution for radiator connectors

[inspic=284,left,,115]The REVEL Company has been the only manufacturer in the world so far to find technical solution for the production of radiator connectors, which is performed on the basis of a moulded-in insert and subsequent re-pressing of the ring directly in the manufacturing facility. The system is also completed with brass pressing knee-joints for surface piping. Designation of pressed joints as “non-demountable” is not completely accurate since the joints may be disassembled using hot-air gun and the brass fittings are reusable. Pipes damaged by hot air are cut off. With regard to possible damage by high temperatures it is forbidden to reuse PPSU fittings. In common building practice the bends are replaced in all-plastic piping by reinforcements of elbows, which means lower labour intensity and significant financial savings for contractors and significantly lower pressure losses in systems.

[inspic=285,right,,]Composite pipes do not need the above mentioned reinforcements and they keep their shape after bending. The above mentioned reinforcements are used as a tool during pressing to prevent diameter deformation of the metal-plastic pipe (one ear of the arch is open; the other is used to fix the pipe).

Pressing rings for joints of the REVEL-PEX system are made of brass pipe material and each ring is designed solely for a particular pipe dimension and type. Rings provided with chemical nickel are used for composite pipes.

The system is further supplemented with screwed joints and reducers based on Euro-type cones (EK), which ensure tightness by means of both the O-ring and the cone. This offer enables assembly of floor and wall-mounted heating using the REVEL-PEX system and connecting the pipes on valves of bodies and distributors without pressing and expanding tools. The same EK fittings are used for Multilayer Pipes as well as for PEX pipes. No problems have occurred in respect of reliability of these joints, but despite this fact the company prefers the pressed joint and provides a 25-year guarantee for this joint.

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