REMS/Germany with new crimping and cutting tool products

New REMS DueCento pipe cutting machine, press rings 45°, E-Push2, RAS Cu-INOX cutting tools, Power-Press SE and Aquila chain vices for pipes.
rems_logoREMS DueCento, a pipe cutting machine for fast, right angled cutting of pipes Ø (40) 100-225mm with no outer burr. For pipes of press fitting systems in stainless steel, C-steel and copper Ø (54) 108-225 mm. For steel pipes EN 10255 (DIN 2440) DN (50) 100-150, Ø (2) 4-6”, cast iron pipes (SML) DIN 19522 DN (50) 100-200, plastic pipes SDR 11, wall thickness s ≤ 21 mm, Ø (40) 110-225mm and multilayer composite pipes DN (40)-110.
REMS press rings 45° (PR-2B), the trouble shooter for hard-to-reach areas, e.g. caved wall, lay bare pipes, trench. Suitable for all REMS radial presses (except REMS Mini-Press ACC).
photo: REMSREMS E-Push2, a powerful, electric pressure testing pump for pressure and tightness tests of piping systems and receptacles. Testing and pressure range p ≤ 6 MPa/60 bar/870 psi. Pump capacity 6.5 l/min. Up to 60 bar. 1300 W, self-sucking and with adjustable pressure limiting.
REMS RAS Cu-INOX 3-35 S for pipes Ø 3-35 mm, Ø ⅛ – 1⅜”, and REMS RAS Cu-INOX 8-64 S for pipes Ø 8-64 mm, Ø ⅜-2½”. These are robust quality tools for cutting tubes (for notably easier cutting). Back pressure rolls mounted in needle bearings. Cutter wheel mounted in needle bearings.
REMS Power-Press SE is a universal, handy electric tool for producing pipe pressing joints for all common press fitting systems. Pipe pressing joints Ø 10-108 mm, ¼-4″. Secure crimping in seconds. Automatic locking of pressing tongs Complete range of REMS pressing tongs / pressing rings for all common press fitting systems available.
REMS Aquila 3B chain vice for pipes up to 6” on folding tripod stand and REMS Aquila WB chain vice for pipes up to 6” with specially hardened jaws for mounting on work bench.
Contact: REMS-WERK Christian Föll und Söhne GmbH, Germany,