Rehau USA expands line of PE-Xa pre-insulated energy transfer pipes

rehauREHAU announces the expansion of its PE-Xa based line of pre-insulated energy transfer pipe solutions with the addition of RAUVITHERM™. Its robust HDPE outer jacket is designed to withstand typical jobsite conditions, and is bonded to the pipe’s outer insulation layer to reduce risk of water infiltration. RAUVITHERM is available as a single-pipe solution in 25 to 125 mm diameters, and as a dual-pipe solution in 25 to 63 mm diameters.

rauvithermRAUVITHERM joins REHAU’s industry-proven INSULPEX® energy transfer piping system, which is ideally suited for medium to large projects. Its closed-cell polyurethane (PU) foam outer casing offers optimal insulating properties, and its shroud system does not require heat shrinking. INSULPEX resists thermal expansion, while preventing water infiltration even when its LDPE outer jacket is punctured. The piping system is available in single-pipe configurations of 1 to 2 in. and 63 to 160 mm, and dual-pipe configurations of 1 to 2 in. and 63 mm.

The complete line of high-performance energy transfer piping systems from REHAU is ideal for minimizing energy loss in the transfer of central heating or cooling facility outputs. The systems facilitate the efficient movement of hot or chilled fluid through buried pipelines, and are used for distribution in central heating and cooling applications, industrial, agricultural and geothermal applications, and for snow and ice melting applications.

As an alternative to rigid piping systems, REHAU energy transfer pipe is much lighter than copper or steel piping systems and is available in continuous coils that reduce installation time and costs while minimizing temperature change. The pipe’s ribbed self-compensating design and dependably buried fittings eliminate need for accessories such as anchors, kickers and thrust blocks, all of which are typically required on rigid systems.

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