PRINETO: Processing of pipes at frost

PRINETO pipes should be processed as frost-free as possible (heat the assembly room if necessary).
When expanding and bending tight radii, the pipe material is subjected to high stress, whereby the ductility of the pipe material decreases with decreasing temperature. From this The reason for this is the slow and even working (speed of the power tools is reference) is required, especially at colder temperatures. A short stay in the expanded state supports processing positively.

If possible, store the pipes in a heated room until processing. It is also possible to preheat the pipe end to be pressed with warm air. In cold conditions, the expanded pipe sleeves or pipe bends must be checked for damage (e.g. overstretching or buckling).

The following temperature data refer to the tube material in the machining area. The ambient temperatures can also be lower.

  • Do not expand or bend heating pipes and surface heating pipes below 0°C. Work slowly and evenly as temperatures are below 20°C.
  • Do not expand or bend stable tubes 40 to 63 below 0°C.
  • Do not expand or bend sanitary and stable pipes in the dimensions 14 to 32 below -5°C.
  • PRINETO PPSU fittings must not be processed at temperatures below 0°C.