Prandelli: New PE-RT multi layer pipes TRIS-UP

The polyethylene, heat-resistant PE-RT is a type of polyethylene equipped with its traditional properties but with a greater resistance to high temperatures. Its structure does not require a crosslinking process. The use of PE-RT makes TRIS-UP extremely flexible, as well as giving it excellent bending potential; this means that installers can save a significant amount of time.

photo: Prandelli SpA
photo: Prandelli SpA

Its flexibility increases the ability of the pipe to maintain its shape (shape-memory). TRIS-UP is a PE-RT/Al/PE-RT multilayer pipe that can be used for drinking water installations and traditional heating systems. Its extreme flexibility makes it particularly suitable for floor heating systems.
To install TRIS-UP, it is necessary to use fittings from the Prandelli Multyrama series (PFM, PF and CM).