POLYPLASTIC /Russia with new high temperature pre insulated PE-Xa pipe solutions

High temperature plastic pipe solutions – pushing the envelope / New generation of pre insulated flexible plastic heating pipes development overview / In progress – First Loop solution up to 135°C

Flexible pre insulated pipes have proven track record in modern district heating networks where multiple houses are connected with a single heat source. High reliability, ease of use and excellent durability allowed them to become one of the key components of European hot water based heating systems.

Current European demand in flexible pre insulated plastic pipes is limited to max 70°C@10 bar or 95°C@6 bar applications and can be covered by mono layer load carrying PEX pipes with up to 110mm in diameter.

CIS countries district heating – different demand: Infrastructure of former USSR mega district heating networks require combined higher temperatures, pressures and throughputs which could not be achieved with mono layer PE-Xa carrier pipes.

Reinforced pipe solution

To breach this gap, a new generation of reinforced PE-Xa core pipes was developed and implemented. Aramid fiber mesh reinforcing layer outside of the PEX pipe was used to provide for necessary strength without increasing pipe wall thickness.

  • Benefits: Higher strength, larger diameters and more flexible
  • Challenges: Process control and fitting design

First and Second Loop pipes in district heating networks

Reinforced plastic pipe concept allowed providing solution …


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… concepts developed, tested, verified and implemented.

High temperature plastic pipe solutions – pushing the envelope

Benefits of high temperature flexible pre insulated district heating plastic pipe systems include laminar flow in up to 160mm core pipes which opens up new horizons for generally larger in core pipe diameter high temperature network applications.

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