Pipes for hot water installations in Europe

KWD-globalpipe, 15.12.2010. (copper and multi-layer pipes) Since many years now we are evaluating the development of different pipe materials for indoor heating and plumbing applications. Overall, copper is still the predominant material, yet more and more closely followed by multi-layer pipes. Consequently, KWD-globalpipe estimates indicate that copper pipe will lose their leading market position to multi-layer pipe those applications. This development does not only reflect the superior properties of multi-layer pipe, it is also accelerated by a high and highly speculative copper price. With thin-walled, plastic-coated pipe, copper pipe manufacturers try successfully to stop the downturn and are at least able to stabilize the market. However, copper and multi-layer pipes currently are and will be by far the preferred pipe in the sanitary industry.

There are still countries, that prefer other pipe materials for hot water installations: Sie in Czech Republic and Slowenia, PP-R pipes are mostly used, in Sweden people prefer PEX pipes. Anyway, regarding the totals of eastern and western Europe, copper is still the leading material in western Europe for hot water installations, while in eastern Europe multi-layer is already the winner.