Pipelife: Introduction of the new SoluForce High Temperature Pipe System

A major step in the introduction of the new SoluForce High Temperature pipe system, unfolds. 68 coils SoluForce H515HT, totaling 15km of 6”ND pipe, are waiting for shipment in the Port of Rotterdam.

Destined for the oilfields of Kuwait and targeted for new and ever higher grade applications, SoluForce introduces yet another technological development for their customers.

Creating cost effective and high performance solutions for their customers is the name of the game.

photo: pipelife

SoluForce is the originator of Flexible Composite Pipes. Their 100% metal-free pipeline systems and connectors for oil and gas, flow line, water injection and effluents are quick to deploy in challenging terrain. They go round corners, up hills, across gullies and under water. They last up to 50 years, maintenance-free. Plus they offer specialist installation equipment and support, including on-site training.

source: www.pipelife.com, www.soluforce.net