Pipe & Multi Layer Pipe Market – Today & Trends

Bob Lambrechts, Director Statistics & Economics of the European Aluminium Association (EAA) reported about aluminium market and trends.

eaa-logoKWD-globalpipe, 11.12.2013. During the presentation of the association, Bob Lambrechts underlined that the EAA is a very powerful organization. Europe is a key player for the aluminium sector. 90% of legislation and policy initiatives impacting the aluminium industry comes from Brussels. “Our sector needs to work together with decision-makers to ensure our industry stays competitive at the international level. The EAA speaks with one voice on behalf of industry!” said Bob Lambrechts.

Aleris-MLT-EAA-0In his presentation he showed the aluminium use per capita in the world and in Europe.

The European aluminium value chain for semi prducts shows, that aluminium is used for rolled (38%) and extruded (25%) products as well as for castings (27%) and wire, powder, slugs etc. (10%). He explained that there are not enough product capacities in Europe so there are imense net imports. Very important is the the quota of recycling.

If we concentrate on the use of „aluminium flat rolled products“ in Europe, it can be seen that the financial crisis starting in 2008 also had an impact on those products. But the impression of the EAA is, that there will be further growth in the future.

Contact: European Aluminium Association (EAA), Belgium, www.alueurope.eu