Pipe Coil Technology: Coiled HDPE Pipe up to DN315

Low Ovality Technology from Pipe Coil Technology Limited (PCT) allows large diameter HDPE pipe up to DN315 to be coiled as free standing coils or reeled onto drums.  This innovative technology has been used in Europe for many years now and is rapidly increasing in popularity worldwide due to the many advantages it offers. There are still many pipe manufacturers who continue to manufacture large diameter HDPE in the traditional 12 or 20 metre ‘stick’ lengths regardless of its final use. This is not only highly inefficient to store and transport but also drastically decreases the overall integrity of the installed pipeline as butt welded and electro fusion joints are still the most common inherent failure in a pipe designed to last 100 years.

photo: PCT Ltd
photo: PCT Ltd

Low Ovality Technology not only reduces transport costs by maximising the amount of coiled pipe per load but also greatly increases the integrity of the finished pipeline. For example, DN160 pipe can be coiled in 900m lengths allowing for a much quicker installation time, by removing up to 73 butt welds per 900m coil, and with less joints the pipeline’s integrity is significantly increased. For larger projects, 4600m of DN160 can be put on a reel increasing the efficiency of modern ploughing technologies. With new ploughing technologies and the need for longer continuous lengths and larger diameters in coil form, Low Ovality is well positioned to remove the constraints of butt welding backlogs and joint failures during the installation and life time of the pipeline. Reels of this size would require an escort on highways, however, the cost savings made through a much more efficient installation process far outweigh the additional transportation costs and with fewer joints, maintenance costs of the pipeline are also considerably reduced.
Even with pipe sizes that can already be coiled with standard coiling machinery, Low Ovality can make a big difference to profit margins through its ability to supply longer lengths of coil within existing coil dimensions, increasing the pipe length per truck and so reducing overall transportation costs. Transporting thinner walled pipes in coil format also becomes a possibility with Low Ovality as it is capable of coiling pipes with SDR up to 21 & 26 whilst maintaining coil and pipe stability.

PCT Ltd is a privately owned company based in Newcastle UK with subsidiaries in the USA and China. The company designs and supplies coiling, handling and packaging solutions for flexible products such as plastic pipe, sub-sea umbilical, power cables, flow-lines and steel wire rope.

source: www.pipecoil.co.uk