Heating&Plumbing Pipes Europe 2012

The yearly updated report shows the consumption of pipes for hot&cold water installations and heatings systems by pipe material and country.

market_charts_europe_2012KWD‘s Market + Charts „Heating & Plumbing Pipes Europe“ market report is revised on an annual basis. The purpose of this report is, to provide a comprehensive reference book for all important information for this particular market segment.

In the 2012 report, we provide market estimates broken down by country for the use of indoor pipes. More specifically, the report contains data of the actual pipe quantities per country for under floor heating / surface heating and cooling, radiator connections and sanitary pipes.

New in the present KWD-Report 2012
Maps of Europe indicating the frequency of use of pipe material

New are colored maps of Europe, based on specific products. The intensity of the color shows in which country how much of a certain type of pipe material is being used.  It provides a quick overview over which material is popular in which country, without having to mull over large sets of numbers.

Economic trends and forecasts for the construction industry in Europe
For our forecasts for the use of pipe materials in the coming years, numerous economic trends and building construction forecasts are interpreted. This year, and for the first time, we have assembled   economic trends and forecasts for the construction industry of individual count ries in Europe.

Structure of the study: From background information to the forecasts and numbers
Very often we have been asked how we come to our pipe estimates for the heating & plumbing industry. Therefore we have restructured our KWD-report, so that everyone will understand how we work.

Background information

  • Introduction and Methods of KWD Market Research  (Page     8 –   10)
  • Statistics: Country and Construction Information  (Page   11 –   13)
  • Economic Trends and construction industry´s outlook  (Page   15 –   30)
  • European Heating&Plumbing Sector, general and company news  (Page   31 –   55
  • Top 10 Producers of Multilayer and PEX / PE-RT Pipes 2012  (Page   56 –   57)

Consumption of pipes by material and country

  • Overview: Heating&Plumbing Pipes per Country 2012  (Page   58 –   59)
  • Pipes in “Million Metres” – Long Term Charts 2009 – 2015  (Page   61 – 177)
  • European Consumption of Pipes – in Graphics  (Page 178 – 184)
  • Pipes in “Tons” – Long Term Charts 2009 – 2015  (Page 185 – 243)
  • Fittings in “Million Pieces” – Long Term Charts 2009 – 2015  (Page 244 – 303)

Lists of certifications and company addresses

  • Granted European inspection certificates provided by company  (Page 304 – 354)
  • Addresses and product listings, alphabetical  (Page 379 – 437)

For more information please see the attached information with more explanations and page samples. The market report is available in two versions:
The standard version contains the market report as printed book and pdf-file and costs 760,- Euros for subscribers (others pay 990,- Euros).
The premium version additional all charts and graphics as Excel-Spreadsheet and costs 980,- Euros for subscribers (1120,- Euros for all others).

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