Novelis: NOVALTUBE™- Compound tubes made by revolutionary production technology

[inspic=278,left,,100]One example of Novelis’ innovative strength is The New Aluminium, Novelis FUSION TM, which is certainly one of the most important innovations in aluminium processing in the past 60 year s. Differing aluminium alloys are cast into one ingot: This opens up completely new perspectives for future designs as ideal combinations of alloy properties are now possible. Novelis supplies compound tube coils according to customer`s specific requirements. Mechanical properties are determined depending on the use and processing of the material. The ideal material NOVALTUBE™  has been developed to meet excellent processing properties as, Good corrosion resistance, High stability and flexibility, Good welding properties, Great adhesive strength for plastic extrusion and High pressure resistance. NOVALTUBE™ ensures that the compound tubes remain stable in shape, both when bent as well as when straight; this facilitates their installation. [inspic=279,right,fullscreen,300]For tubes the aluminium content means that there is only a slight thermal length variation, just like metal tubes. In addition, they become completely oxygen impermeable, which is indispensable, for example, when connecting radiators. Different aluminium alloys for specific requirements. NOVALTUBE™ 1050A and NOVALTUBE™ 1200. These alloys contain more than 99% aluminium. They can be easily welded, have an excellent corrosion resistance, low strength and excellent ductility. NOVALTUBE™ 3003, the alloy NOVALTUBE™ 3003 contains about 1.2% manganese and a low amount of copper, can be easily welded, has a medium corrosion resistance, good strength and ductility. NOVALTUBE™ aluminium is available in gauges from 0.15 – 1.5 mm and is ideally suited for the production of various compound tube applications, such as Heating engineering, Drinking water installation, Refrigeration technology, Industrial applications, Regenerative energies and Domestic gas plumbing

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