New Pressure Pipe SLM® DCS with continuous monitoring+protective sheath

Extena: New Pressure Pipe SLM® DCS with continuous monitoring+protective sheath

In order to quickly locate damage to a critical pipeline at an early stage and thereby minimise troubleshooting time, Extena is now launching Pressure Pipe SLM® DCS – with continuous monitoring and a high strength protective sheath.

KWD-globalpipe, 02.12.2021. This pipe gives you full control and automatically alerts you to any damage to a pipeline, with up to one metre accuracy. You can choose between continuous online damage control or performing a control at predetermined intervals.

Pressure Pipe SLM® DCS from Extena consists of a standard pipe made of PE100 RC equipped with conductive strips for the rapid detection of possible leaks. The pipe also has a high strength sheath for extra protection. This sheath has a thickness of 1–5 mm depending on pipe dimension. Compared to traditional PE material, the raw material PE 100 RC has about 17 times higher requirements for slow crack growth.

A monitoring device connected to the pipe issues an alarm even in the event of very minor pipe damage. The messages are then sent directly to the control centre or a mobile phone. The system can automatically shut down and reconnect any connected pump systems, thereby preventing water loss at an early stage.

Benefits and features: Permanent or on-demand monitoring of a pipe system / Increased pipeline safety thanks to continuous status updates / Avoid water loss including consequential damage / Automated operations such as shutting off a stretch of pipeline / Fast detection and location of damage with 1 metre accuracy / Extra protection provided by a high strength 1–5 mm sheath / Check that no damage has occurred during installation.