Molecor celebrates 10 years

It has been ten years since Molecor, leader in the development of molecular orientation technology applied to the conveyance of water under pressure, was founded. Molecor is present on five continents thanks to a revolutionary process that provides efficient and environmentally friendly systems to manufacture Oriented PVC pipes.

molecorDuring these ten years Molecor has pushed limits beyond developing and improving an exclusive system that has revolutionized the water sector.

  • 2006: Molecor© establishment
  • 2007: PVC-O pipe DN200 mm and Air Based System
  • 2008: PVC-O pipe DN 400 mm
  • 2009: Spanish N mark for TOM® PVC-O pipes and French NF mark for TOM® PVC-O pipes made by Molecor©
  • 2010: TOM® PVC-O: DN 500 mm and PN 25 bars certification
  • 2011: TOM® PVC-O: DN 630 mm
  • 2012: DN 600 (666,5 mm) and Integrated Seal System (ISS+)
  • 2013: New factory, 11,000 T/year installed capacity
  • 2014: DN 800 mm technology and 20,000 T/year installed capacity
  • 2015: Molecor (SEA) Sdn Bhd (Malaisia) and PVC-O pipe up to DN 800 mm
First PVC-O pipes manufactured by Molecor. photo: Molecor
First PVC-O pipes manufactured by Molecor. photo: Molecor

The company has received several prices during these ten years; in 2015 Molecor was awarded as the best “Small and Medium Enterprise of the Year” in the second edition of the CEPYME Awards, highlighting its work both nationally and internationally and its role as an engine and pulse of the economy.

“We started our journey in 2006 and this gives us the title of favorite sons of the crisis. The change of environment, the uncertainty and the lack of financial resources, sharpened our instinct to think different. And thinking different was not thinking like a micro-SME, which is what we really were, but thinking as an international company. Developing an improper ambition of our size and trajectory, and clinging frantically to innovation as our only rescue.”

This year Molecor will be present at various events worldwide, Smagua, Plastic Pipes and K2016 among others, exposing its latest technology developments and TOM pipes following its path divulgation of the outstanding features of PVC-O.


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