mfh systems: Innovativ panel heating is electric. Intelligent. Ultra-thin Digital.

mfh systems GmbH is presenting two new systems at the ISH, which combine the advantages of hydraulic panel heating with those of an electrical alternative and avoid physical disadvantages.

KWD-globalpipe, xx.xx.2019. Hydraulic underfloor heating with low heating water temperatures is the No. 1 heat dissipation system in new buildings. However, low heating water temperatures have a negative effect on the control behavior. Electric heating mats installed below a floor covering react more quickly, but can lead to problems due to excess temperatures and heat accumulation (hot spots) if carpets, floor mats, furniture or laundry stacks block heat dissipation.

At ISH 2019, mfh systems GmbH will be presenting two new systems that combine the advantages of hydraulic panel heating (floor | wall | ceiling) with those of an electrical alternative and avoid physical disadvantages.

(photo: mfh systems GmbH)

The E-NERGY IQ system is ideally suited as underfloor heating due to the self-regulating system heating cable. It automatically adjusts the output, thus eliminating overheating and unnecessary energy consumption! The system heating cable is integrated into thermally insulated heating elements. Aluminium guide plates ensure isothermal heat distribution. Thin heat conducting layers as dry screeds guarantee rapid heat dissipation.

The new heating foils of the E-NERGY CARBON system: as underfloor heating, but even more than wall and ceiling heating, they heat rooms in just a few minutes. (photo: mfh systems GmbH)

The E-NERGY CARBON system is also an electric room heater and has been developed especially for wall and ceiling heating. The wall and ceiling are available as heating surfaces, especially in renovation projects. Regardless of whether floor, wall or ceiling: Radiant heaters integrated in components are comfortable, invisible and energy-saving.

The basis of the E-NERGY CARBON FLEECE and CARBON PET system technology is the 0.4 mm thick, diffusion-open, fleece-laminated and adhesion-optimised carbon film through which 36-volt current flows. The transformer to be connected is just as much a part of the system as an internal room thermostat, which can also be operated via an app. The heating foil is embedded in the wall or ceiling spatula. As underfloor heating, CARBON FLEECE can be embedded in the tile adhesive underneath the tile covering in the same way as electrical underfloor heating systems. The mechanically reinforced CARBON PET was developed for floating installation below laminate and parquet.

0.4 mm thick, diffusion-open, fleece-laminated and adhesion-optimised carbon film. (photo: mfh systems GmbH)

Both E-NERGY IQ and E-NERGY CARBON have been developed for new buildings and renovations. Both systems are fast-reacting demand heaters which operate as individual room heaters and can dispense with boilers, chimneys, outdoor sensors, buffer tanks, pipelines, heating circuit manifolds, gas connections or oil tanks. Renovations can thus be carried out faster and more cheaply. A power connection in the room is sufficient.

Further advantages: Quick installation. No drying times. No heating up. Trouble-free and maintenance-free. Easy handling. Low energy consumption. mfh systems sells its innovative systems via technically oriented system and specialist trade partners in Europe

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