Maintools and Cincinnati Extrusion: Cooperation for turnkey pipe production equipment

[inspic=215,left,,150][inspic=160,right,,150]KWD-globalpipe, 2008-08-15, No.287-extra. (Multilayer Machinery) On June 2 2008, Maintools GmbH & Co. KG, Schweinfurt, Germany and Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH, Vienna signed a cooperation agreement to supply complete production lines for overlap-welded multi-layer composite pipes and drip irrigation pipes.
Both Cincinnati Extrusion and Maintools are well-known as pioneers in their respective fields. They have now pooled their expertise and experience by arranging an exclusive cooperation agreement to supply complete production lines for multi-layer composite pipes with diameters ranging from 12 to 110 mm, and drip irrigation pipes, to the global pipe market.[inspic=219,right,fullscreen,350]Maintools offers its proven line components and systems for overlap-welded multi-layer pipes and drip irrigation (such as DripTape, SpiroDrip and VarioDrip), while Cincinnati Extrusion contributes the powerful drive units for the lines. Its twin-screw and single-screw extruders are specially geared to the requirements of each type of pipe, so that optimal performance can be achieved with minimal con-sumption of energy and resources. + + + Especially in irrigation systems, the trend is towards care-fully planned, economical use  of water, a resource in short supply. However, energy-efficient and material-saving processes play an increasingly important part as well, not only in the application itself, but also in the production of systems and equipment.
Thanks to their high-quality technologies and products, both Maintools and Cincinnati Extrusion are able to meet these requirements. They offer reliable equipment with a high quality standard, which stands out by its low maintenance requirements and excellent price-performance ratio. The two part-ners have committed themselves to keep on adapting their product range to latest market conditions and requirements by constant further development and improvement of the individual components, so that they can continue to offer their customers state-of-the-art turnkey solutions for the extrusion of multi-layer and drip irrigation pipes.