KWD Market+Charts “Heating&Plumbing Europe 2010” – What is new?

The report contains data of the actual pipe quantities for indoor use per country in Europe.  The pipe quantities in million metres are specified for the use in under floor and panel heating, radiator connections and sanitary pipes. KWD’s Market + Charts  „Heating & Plumbing Europe“ market report is revised on an annual basis.

What has changed – What is new
The 2010 update does not only look differently, its content has also changed. The purpose of KWD„s Market + Charts report is to provide a comprehensive reference book for all important information for this particular market segment:

  • All market data per country is now clearly presented on two opposite pages.
  • Colored line graphs illustrate the use of pipe per material group and application (FH, RA, SA and Totals), again clearly presented on two opposite pages.
  • For clarity, the numerous different ways of illustration have been reduced.
  • Newly added are sub-totals for Eastern and Western Europe as well as market shares per country based on the European total.
  • A tabular listing of granted European inspection certificates is provided by company.
  • Address and product listings have been completely revised in September/October 2010 and are therefore highly topical.
  • Tabular listings of general economic data provide basic information on total area, population, population density and growth per country. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data is shown as an indicator for the economic development.
  • New housing completion numbers for Euroconstruct countries as well as for other European countries, if available, are presented clearly with annual rates of change.

2009 has been a difficult year for everyone because of the economic crisis. In some countries the construction boom has completely discontinued. In Western Europe modernization has helped the construction market. Referring Euroconstruct more than 60% of the construction volume is modernization.  Because of energy saving building activities this trend will go on. Most Western European Countries see a recovery starting in the second Quarter of 2010, but this is still.

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