PEX + PE-RT Pipes Worldwide 2011

Since our last study from the year 2009 a lot has happened again in the world of pipes and pipe systems for hot water applications. Good reason for an update showing the main devel-opments in the pipe markets and also to look at some current trends.

About the new study:

  • Updated information about the quantity of materials used, as well as info on produced pipe volumes by the main PE-X and PE-RT pipe manufacturers of the world.
  • Demands for raw material were converted into meters by an averaging factor.
  • Wherever possible, material used for inner and/or outer layer for aluminium composite pipes were deducted from the raw material volumes.
  • Trend analysis for PE-X and PE-RT pipes in Europe up to 2013.
  • PE-X versus PE-RT – substitution or diversification.

334 pages, 227 manufacturers of PEX or PE-RT pipes in 42 countries 16 coloured Graphic Charts!

860,- Euros for KWD-globalpipe subscribers, others pay 990,- Euros.

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